Free stuff from VMware, a new ebook, Service Mesh For Dummies

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At VMworld a couple of weeks ago I concentrated on the Modern App sessions , and was impressed by the concept of Containers and Kubernetes as a way to develop and maintain apps

VMware have very kindly made available for download  a free ebook called Service Mesh For Dummies.

The book covers the following:

The book is downloaded in PDF format, it consists of 6 chapters over 65 pages.

The book is authored by Niran Even-Chen, Oren Penso, and Susan Wu

The six chapters are.

  1. The Rise of Microservices and Cloud-Native Architecture
  2. Service Mesh: A New Paradigm
  3. Service Mesh Use Cases
  4. Recognizing Complexity Challenges in Service Mesh
  5. Transforming the Multi-Cloud Network with NSX Service Mesh
  6. Ten (Or So) Resources to Help You Get Started with Service Mesh

The book is available from VMware

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