Free e-book – PowerCLI The Aspiring Automator’s Guide

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Scripting and PowerCLI are words that most people working with VMware products know pretty well and have used once or twice. Everyone knows that scripting and automation are great assets to have in your toolbox.

The problem usually is that getting into scripting appears daunting to many people who feel like the learning curve is just too steep, and they usually don’t know where to start.

The good thing is you don’t need to learn everything straight away to start working with PowerShell and PowerCLI. Once you have the basics down and have your curiosity tickled, you’ll learn what you need as you go, a lot faster than you thought you would!

This eBook doesn’t contain everything, but it contains what you need to know to get started. Just like a mechanic’s starter kit, you can’t build a car engine with it, but you can do the basics to call yourself a mechanic.

This eBook contains the first few steps of a long stairway paved with cmdlets, properties, and methods and few more treats along the way. We’ll start by covering the basics, then we’ll break the examples into sections about completing specific tasks so you can get an idea of where certain commands will be used.

Written by VMware vExpert Xavier Avrillier, this free eBook presents a use-case approach to learning how to automate tasks in vSphere environments using PowerCLI. We start by covering the basics of installation, set up, and an overview of PowerCLI terms. From there we move into scripting logic and script building with step-by-step instructions of truly useful custom scripts, including:

  • How to retrieve data on vSphere objects
  • Display VM performance metrics
  • How to build HTML reports and schedule them
  • Basics on building functions
  • And more!

Stop looking at scripts online in envy because you wish you could build your own scripts. Download this eBook now and get started on your path to automation greatness!

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