File lock error messages in log when browsing shared iSCSI datastore

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Hi All,


I am new to using ESXi hosts on shared iSCSI datastore but pretty much have everything up and running however I am noticing a strange issue when browsing the files on the shared datastore.


When I browse the files on the datastore it takes ages to show the files when I switch between folders. If I go in to the events log on one of the hosts I see a heap of file lock errors logged.


Lock(s) held on file XXXXXXXX-ctk.vmdk by other host(s).

Exclusive Lock(s) held on a file on volume 5f2e9bde-d7f37ea2-2151-a0369f8af178. numHolders: 0. gblNumHolders: 0. Locking Host(s) MAC: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx


it basically repeats these two error messages in the event log for every file in the folder.


The MAC address appears to be that of the host that is currently running the VM for whose folder I am browsing so that host having a lock on the files is normal I would think.


Am I correct in assuming that vCenter uses only one of the hosts in the cluster as a proxy to browse the iSCSI datastore? My reasoning is that all these errors only appear in only one hosts event log. If I down that particular host the events then appear in one of the other hosts events. I noted that if I browse folders for a VM that is running on the host that is currently proxying the errors do not appear and they directory loads instantly.


Is this normal behavior or have I got something not set correctly?


Everything else seems to run fine and there are no other errors other than these when I browse the datastore. It does not stop me from browsing the datastore it just takes a long time to load directory.




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