Failed to read from disk. Error Code 14009 – The server refused connection

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I’ve got 1 out of 4 hosts that are giving the below error when trying to backup VM’s within Altaro, I’ve already spoken to Altaro support who have mentioned this is a VMWare issue.


“The operation encountered an error. (Error code ‘BASEBACKUPCONTROLLER_018’)”


“Failed when backing up: 6000C29d-fc30-5251-e531-1e675d0dcc1f6000C29d-fc30-5251-e531-1e675d0dcc1f.vmdk (Error code ‘DEDUP_017’)”   (This one is obviously unique per VM)


“Failed to read from the disk. Error Code: 14009 – The server refused connection (Error code ‘VMWAREBACKUPSTREAM_010’)”


“System or application error details:



My other 3 hosts back up the VM’s perfectly fine, if I migrate a VM from the effected host to one of the other 3, the backup will succeed.


All 4 servers are running ESXi 6.7.0, Build: 16713306. 2 are in one building connected to one datastore, and the other 2 are in a different building on a separate datastore.


I’ve currently been Migrating to the different host connected to the same datastore, and the VM’s backup fine, so its not a datastore issue.


I’m not too sure what could be causing this on 1 host only, and not all 3.




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