Failed to Entitle Pool with AD Group

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Trying to execute View Planner 4.5 in remote mode and can’t seem to get past the point where View Planner attempts to entitle the AD group it created to the pool. Also not sure why it references the domain in the error message rather than the actual name of the group, that seems misleading, but I have validated that the group “viewplannerdev” was created.



{“log_ID”: 70, “timeStamp”: “2020-09-20 23:40:57.241937”, “statusString”: “WORKGROUP viewplannerdev: Prepare AD user(s).”, “statusLogType”: 0}

{“log_ID”: 71, “timeStamp”: “2020-09-20 23:41:01.869374”, “statusString”: “WORKGROUP viewplannerdev: Starting to entitle VM pool with AD user Group “, “statusLogType”: 0}

{“log_ID”: 72, “timeStamp”: “2020-09-20 23:44:01.924795”, “statusString”: “WORKGROUP viewplannerdev: Failed to entitle pool with AD group, Error Code: 504”, “statusLogType”: 0}

{“log_ID”: 73, “timeStamp”: “2020-09-20 23:44:01.925146”, “statusString”: “RUN Trial64: WorkGroup failed, Error code: 504”, “statusLogType”: 0}

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