Failed to create VMFS datastore – Cannot change the host configuration

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I try to add a LUN as a new Datastore, provided from a HPE MSA 2040 SAS, using a HPE 241 SAS HBA to a vSphere 6.7 System.

The HW is a HPE Proliant 380 Gen9 Server. The MSA2040 is direct attached using SAS Controllers.

The LUN is available in the MSA Utility Software and shown in the “Add Datastore” Wizard as expected.



But during the “Add Datastore” procedure, I get the error “Cannot change the host configuration”.



Please find below the summary details of the “Add Datastore” Wizard:



Type: VMFS

Datastore size: 2.64 TB

Device and Formatting

Disk/LUN: HP Serial Attached SCSI Disk (naa.600c0ff0001e3b26fc879d5f01000000)

Partition Format: GPT

VMFS Version: VMFS 6

Block Size: 1 MB

Space Reclamation Granularity: 1 MB

Space Reclamation Priority Low: Deleted or unmapped blocks are reclaimed on the LUN at low priority



Looking to the device on the ESX Console, is not showing any existing partition on this LUN:

[root@HCDORDEVOPSENP1:~] partedUtil getptbl /vmfs/devices/disks/naa.600c0ff0001e3b26fc879d5f01000000


352571 255 63 5664055296





Does anyone know how to troubleshoot this error?

Is anyone may be able to help or point me to the root cause of this error?



Thank you in advance.

Kind regards Bernd

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