F2 key functions not working

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Running ESXi6.0 under VMware workstation player 15.2; Everything seems to be working except for the Function keys, I can’t access now to Customize the system or shutdown. Anyone seems this before?.. is this a problem with the Workstation or the ESXi 6.0?.


Katelyn was feeling a little uncomfortable after seeing Hayley in her underwear the previous evening and even more so due to her own reaction to it. She had actually brought herself to a climax last night, and masturbating was something she hardly ever did. She couldn’t believe it and still wasn’t letting herself think about it. “Hayley, I just want to tell you how glad I am that you’re here and that you are incredible with these kids. I mean, look at them out there all happy and fed. Do you know how long it usually takes me to get to that point?” Katelyn said, trying to avoid eye contact with Hayley.


Hayley’s vivid aqua eyes met Katelyn’s bright blue ones head on. “Oh, you’re welcome,” she replied. “Sometimes I think it just takes another adult to deal with kids. They tend to listen better to someone who isn’t their parent. It’s a sad but true fact.” Hayley smiled. “Oh, and thank you for helping me with that stuck zipper last night.”


Katelyn nodded in reply, and then Hayley began to tell her about her life growing up in Miami and how she was the youngest of six kids and how her parents couldn’t afford to put her through college. “I forgot to mention, I have 12 nieces and nephews, and that’s one of the other reasons I’m so good with kids. They always behave better for their Aunt Hayley than their own parents.”


Katelyn told Hayley about her family and friends in Chicago, and the two women sat and talked like old friends against the backdrop of the children’s movie playing in the other room. They found that they liked a lot of the same things, including working out and nature. Each of them had also recently developed an appreciation for country music.


“My roommates listened to it all the time,” Hayley explain. “And I ended up getting hooked.”


“That’s just what happened to me. My friend Becky grew up on it,” Katelyn explained. “She always has CMT on at her house, and I found I really liked it. I even went to a concert with her one night at the Germaine arena, and it was great. But her poor husband had to watch her son and my three kids, and I could tell by looking at him when we got back that he wasn’t going to be letting Becky out for too many more concerts,” Katelyn laughed.



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