Extract/list OVF Vendor Details

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Hello again,

we do run some appliances where i would need to get the vendor details out of the option.

What i found so far is this


Get-View -viewtype virtualmachine -Filter @{‘config.VAppConfig’=‘VMware.Vim.VmConfigInfo’} | select Name, @{N=“Appliance Name”; @{N=“Vendor”; E={$_.config.VAppConfig.product.Vendor}}


this does make the trick to get the vendor details but i would need to for a single machine to be able to compare and run a IF/Else command with it.

Here i would need the command for a single vm.


Something like

$vm = get vendor name.

Afterwards i could run a if statement with it.


Would you please help me to get a solution?

thank you very very much.


best wishes armin

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