ESXi VSPhere 6.5 essential storage warning

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I have a Dell R720xd

Host has 256 GB RAM and 16 1.2 TB drives setup as raid 10 array, currently not in production. Booting from mirror SD cards,  logs relocated to main attached storage.


VMWare ESXi 6.5   using dell image   6.5 U3 (VSPhere Essential license)


Had one drive fail, swapped it out and array is sill acring like its initializing with all drives are flashing (green) , been that way for few days


VCenter reports Critical Storage Alert seeing multiple warning   System Board 1  Drive 0 0  Warning   Reading : 17


repeats for Drive 0 0 to Drive 0 14

Should I be worried or is this normal?  Shutdown and raid controller does not indicate any problems with drives


Not sure whats up.  Hoping to use this machine for another 10 months before i have no choice but to replace it to move to newer version.

see screen shot below Machine hast 24 drive bays,  16 populated..


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