ESXi interface down

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I have a situation where the host is unreachable on the management network, and as a result could not communicate with the vCenter


Upon checking the config of the vDS it appears that the config of the vDS has changed, previously vmk0 (ESX_Mgmt), vmk1, vmk2 on this vDS, not only the ESX_mgmt remains, and it is assigned to vmk1 instead.


Using the iDRAC of the node I was able to open a local session, I attempted to ping other hosts and it failed, I also attempted to have the host ping itself, it also failed.


I used esxcli network commands to delete the current vmk1 and recreate the original vmk0 (ESX_Mgmt), the node was now able to ping itself but still could not reach its gateway, despite being in the same network as other that could.

I also attempted to reconfigure using DCUI and although the config appeared to be correct the node could still not reach the vcenter


I checked the hardware and networking level this is all configured correctly, and there have been no changes at either of these levels recently


However at an ESX level the config appeared to be configured correctly, although I am not too skilled here. There was recent upgrades in this node and I believe this issue is related to the config of the host. But again not sure.


I succeeded in changing the config of the management network using both the esxcli and DCUI, but none of the attempted workarounds were successful.


any help would be great.

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