ESXI 7.0 Export OVF .nvram not found

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When I go to export my VM I initially exported without nvram because it wasn’t selected by default, when I tried to deploy the VM, it said I was missing the nvram and vmdk even tho the vmdk was selected with the ovf. I tried to export the OVF with the nvram selected and it opens a new tab that just says “not found” and the other files download fine but the task hangs at 50%.


I looked through the logs and there was nothing about the nvram file or anything similar. I am kinda lost at what to do.


I tried looking through the documentation and it was very unclear and more of a marketing pitch lol, if someone has a link to documentation and troubleshooting steps that would be awesome.


I would post pictures of the errors but its just a blank webpage saying “not found” and the task doesn’t fail so there no relevant error output.


Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 4.58.11 PM.png



This is the error on ESXI 6.7 environment im trying to deploy it to, I select the OVF, VMDK, and MF file when I do the upload and it thinks I dont have the VMDK?? when I do the export with NVRAM selected, i dont get the MF file.


Side Note: is .nvram required when deploying a OVF template?

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