ESXi 6.7U2 | GPU passthrough deactivated after ESXi reboot

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Dear all,


in my configuration there is an ESXi 6.7U2 server and I’d like to pass through an NVIDIA NVS310 to my VMs. The GPU card is a PCIe x16 and it is installed on the PCIe x8 slot in my HPe Proliant Microserver Gen10.


The GPU card is recognized by the ESXi and is also visible in the vSphere GUI. When I enable GPU PCIe passthrough it is active/ reboot necessary. In the esx.conf it is visible that passthrough for the GPU card is enabled. The passthrough is only possible when the audio HD also is passed through.


/device/00000:003:00.0/owner = “passthru”

/device/00000:003:00.0/device = “107d”

/device/00000:003:00.0/vendor = “10de”

/device/00000:003:00.1/vendor = “10de”

/device/00000:003:00.1/device = “e08”

/device/00000:003:00.1/owner = “passthru”


After rebooting the server the GPU card is in the disabled state again and the configuration is not visible in the esx.conf anymore.


What can be done to keep the GPU card enabled after reboot?

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