ESXI 6.7: Raid5 Rebuild – Datastore Gone

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I had an error with the RAID5 and a rebuild was in order leading to ESXI 6.7.0 Update 1 (Build 10302608) not finding any datastore anymore.

I can see a large VMFS partition in the ESXI WebClient (ESXI runs on a dual SD), same size as reported on ssh.


Things I tried so far

  1. Header-Dump: dd if=/dev/disks/naa.6848f690eeefc30022cfdde30c008b3e:1 bs=1M count=2000 | gzip -c >  /tmp/vmfs-header-dump.2000.gz
    dd: /dev/disks/naa.6848f690eeefc30022cfdde30c008b3e:1: Input/output error
  2. Check VMFS: voma -m vmfs -f check -d /vmfs/devices/disks/naa.6848f690eeefc30022cfdde30c008b3e:1
    Checking if device is actively used by other hosts
    Scanning for VMFS-6 host activity (4096 bytes/HB, 1024 HBs).
    Running VMFS Checker version 2.1 in check mode
    Initializing LVM metadata, Basic Checks will be done
    Phase 1: Checking VMFS header and resource files
       Detected VMFS-6 file system (labeled:’vDisk-SCH1′) with UUID:5b3d25fb-0ef169f2-a1e7-90b11c49510d, Version 6:82
    ON-DISK ERROR: Unexpected ‘parentResourcesPerCluster’ 1238287, expected 0
    ON-DISK ERROR: Unexpected ‘numClusterGroups’ 8, expected 33554441
    Checking VMFS header and resource files..-Segmentation fault


I’m stuck … does anyone have any ideas ? Is my data gone?


thanks so much!!!



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