ESXi 6.7 loses config after reboot

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Hi everyone,


I searched all over the web for two days, but I still haven’t found anything that helped to solve my case.


I have ESXi 6.7 installed on a USB drive running on a DELL Poweredge R710. I know this particular version of ESXi is not supported by my machine, but except for the fact that loses configuration on every reboot I didn’t have any other issue.


Long story short:


The bootbank folder points to tmp


bootbank -> /tmp


while locker and scratch point to an actual data store


locker -> /vmfs/volumes/5f9cb458……..-……..a12/.locker

scratch -> /vmfs/volumes/5f9cb458-…………….a12/.locker


I did some troubleshooting by following those KBs:


Even by appending the ‘devListStabilityCount’ parameter in the ESXi boot options, with a delay of up to 300 seconds, the storage-path-claim service is still not delayed and always starts before the datastores are accessible (see logs below).

Without appending the ‘devListStabilityCount’ parameter, the delay between the below logs is always a minute of each other (always ‘storage-path-claimfirst, then…The datastore is now accessible on this host.



[root@localhost:~] grep storage-path-claim /var/log/sysboot.log

[2020-11-03 01:01:31.851747 – 2020-11-03 01:04:54.502981] sysboot: storage-path-claim


[root@localhost:~] grep ‘mounted.*rw’ var/run/log/vobd.log|tail -1

2020-11-03T01:05:55.167Z: [vmfsCorrelator] 284840394us: [esx.audit.vmfs.volume.mounted] File system [MainStorage, 5f9cb458-…………….. on volume 5f9cb458-7d8b9622-………… has been mounted in ‘rw’ mode. The datastore is now accessible on this host.



If it helps, this is what I get when I issue the below command.


[root@localhost:~] localcli –plugin-dir=/usr/lib/vmware/esxcli/int/ boot system restore –bootbanks

VmkCtl: Did not find a valid boot device, symlinking /bootbank to /tmp



Did anyone see this issue before and knows a solution for it?


I will much appreciate any kind of help and advice on how to tackle this.


Thanks in advance!

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