ESXi 6.7 Datastore Maximum Size and Dell R740xd2 RAID

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First question:

What is the maximum size Datastore I can create in vSphere 6.7?

From what I can tell its 64TB, right?


However I was able to add a datastore of ~260TB to my environment today, before I stopped to think if this was even possible. vCentre gave no warnings or errors and happily created the datastore for me. If the maximum is 64TB how is that possible? I have since removed it to be safe.


Second question:

If I have to split the datastore up in smaller chunks, what is the best way to do it without losing tons of wasted space?

All storage is via a Dell R740xd2 server with 20x… 16TB 7.2 RPM 12Gbps SAS drives. I also have 4x… 3.84TB SSD drives but those aren’t an issue for this scenario.


Ideally I wanted all HHD in one RAID 6 array presented to VMware but that now seems impossible. I also cant provision multiple datastores from that single RAID presented from the Dell

This box is going to be used primarily for backups, restore and test platform if my vSAN cluster hits a wobble or needs offline maintenance for whatever reason so space is more important than anything else.


So I was hoping to have the full size Datastore available to me. Some of my individual VMs are also fairly large ~40TB or so and I want a long GFS backup retention periods

As this is not a SAN but just using the PERC H730p controller in the Dell R740xd2 – I cant see a way to create a single RAID 6 array and then multiple LUNS from that array to present to vSphere.

Which means I have to create multiple RAID 6 arrays from smaller number of individual disks which means that I lose a LOT of wasted space compared to one single RAID 6 array.


Can anyone tell me if I have completely missed the mark and there is an better way to do this?

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