ESXI 6.5 GPU Passthrough Quadro Host Rebooting

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Hi All,


We are trying to get lab environment to test GPU Roughcast to VM’s working before going live.


I have built a HP DL380 G8 server which is fully up to date with bios patches/firmware etc. I have installed ESXI 6.5.0 as the host OS and under this we have a Windows VM running windows 10 fully up to date inc anniversary update.


I have created a pass-through for the Nvidia Quadro K2200 graphics card installed on the server and all is working fine from a VM point of view it sees the card all drives installed and works perfectly for our use.


The issue I have is if the VM runs for a few days and then we reboot (long term plan is scheduled reboots at night). The host goes into a complete panic and reboot’s itself before the VM has even had a chance to shutdown obviously something is not right with the config.


I have done lots of research and have tried playing with various settings etc to try and make it stable for reboots but cannot seem to make it work. I have tried 6 initially and then went to 6.5 off the back of a forum post regarding instability on v6 which I did see during setup not just at reboot stage however 6.5 seems much better other than reboot.


Really after any advice from anyone which has tried to do the same on things for me to check.


Log files are not really giving me much around the reboot time it’s like it simply stops dead.


I have passed the audio device through to the VM however on 6.5 it looks like you have to do this as it is a dependent (which was different from 6.0).


we are looking to try and use this in production come January next year so would love to iron out the kinks before we shell out for a live system as I cannot have it rebooting like this when live.


few forum posts suggest going back to 5.5 with the latest updates as this became alot more stable and win 10 is still supported as an OS.


I am willing to send log files etc to try and help solve the problem.





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