Esxi 6.5 2 host 2 public IP

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Hi, I don’t have much experience with virtualization I’m just netadmin so maybe i’m asking something dumb.
So i have this scenario as you can see on attached file. Left side works perfectly but we need 2 different public IP for both server.For right side I’ve created new Port group and new Virtual switch.

on second server I’m getting local ip and also have ping but can’t do tracert or ping or anything with domain name. so it’s domain problem as i’m guessing. but this happens when I’m using that second virtual’s not a router problem or something like that because I’ve tried to connect PC directly to router 2 and in this scenario it works perfectly. I don’t think also that it is windows problem because i’ve tried to several ones and also tried with linux and its still the same.I guess it’s connected to esxi and I’m doing something wrong with configuring of it.
If you have any ideas what I’m doing wrong or how this scenario can work please give me some advice.

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