ESXI 5.5 Password Reset

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I know 5.5 is old and out of support. But, we have 2 remaining 5.5 hosts which house production VMs. I’m trying to join these 2 hosts to a vcenter so I can migrate the VMs off of them. Problem is, no one at this company knows the root password for these hosts. So, I was hoping there was a way to reset the password. The procedures I have found seem to be for earlier versions (5.0 and earlier). I’m sure I am not the first person with this issue so, hopefully someone here can help.


As an alternate solution, I built a new 5.5 host and added it to the vcenter with the 2 referenced above. But, when trying to migrate I get the error listed below. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




“CPUID details: incompatibility at level 0x80000001 register ‘ecx’. Host bits: 0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0001:0010:0001 Required: 00xx:xx0x:xx00:x0x0:xxxx:0xx0:00×0:00×1”

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