ESX 7 NTP cannot get time from Windows 10 server?

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Does anyone know why my ESX 7 server cannot sync its time with a Windows 10 time server?  I confirmed the time server works, and the firewall is open on ESX7 and Windows 10, but the time is not the same, its always 2 minutes like it was before, which is what I’m trying to fix.  ntpq -pn shows it sits in INIT all the time. 


[root@local:~] ntpq -pn

     remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset  jitter

==============================================================================    .INIT.          16 u    –  256    0    0.000   +0.000   0.000


ESX says the service is running and the IP is of the Windows 10 machine at is correct. time.jpg


Any guidance would be great, it simply doesn’t work.  Its difficult to test a UDP connect to at port 123 so I’m only 99% sure thats open.  other machines with NTP client testing tools can get the time at perfectly fine so I’m sure its ok.

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