Error on building docker image

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I’m trying to build an image using vctl, but it seems I’m getting an error from the builder itself.

I run:


[username@hostname] [current directory] % vctl build -f /Users/[path masked]/Downloads/image-docker-64/Dockerfile -t [masked tag] /Users/[home of user]/.vctl/storage/


INFO building image [masked tag] with jobId 15dade5d-2184-411b-a696-bd97a37bcd25 using internal builder instance…

INFO preparing base images…                    

INFO done preparing cache for images: []         

INFO builder image vctl.local/vctl-builder:0.14.0 is ready

INFO preparing builder: vctl-builder-15dade5d    

INFO starting builder: vctl-builder-15dade5d     

INFO container vctl-builder-15dade5d started     

ERROR image build failed, please review above build logs for details

      if you are seeing ‘no space left on device’ error, retry ‘vctl build’ with the ‘–builder-mem’ option to allocate more memory

[username@hostname] [current directory] %


When I look at containerd.log, it says:


time=”2020-09-25T13:29:44.271869000+02:00″ level=info msg=”starting signal loop namespace=vctl-internal path=/Users/[masked path]/.vctl/storage/containerd/state/io.containerd.runtime.v2.task/vctl-internal/vctl-b” namespace=vctl pid=18995


time=”2020-09-25T13:29:44.768813000+02:00″ level=error msg=”failed to find the container or sandbox cri annotations” module=libcrx package=ociruntimespec




time=”2020-09-25T13:29:53.591203000+02:00″ level=warning msg=”container :vctl-builder-15dade5d does not have port mapping, ignore” module=libcrx package=ocicontainer

time=”2020-09-25T13:29:53.599622000+02:00″ level=info msg=”shim disconnected” id=vctl-builder-15dade5d

time=”2020-09-25T13:29:53.599685000+02:00″ level=warning msg=”cleaning up after shim disconnected” id=vctl-builder-15dade5d namespace=vctl-internal

time=”2020-09-25T13:29:53.599702000+02:00″ level=info msg=”cleaning up dead shim”


To me it looks like it’s the builder container itself that is struggling. What could I be doing wrong?

Any hint appreciated.


This is when using Fusion Pro 11.5.6.

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