Error during user login “The system needs to be rebooted”

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We have some users who are complaining about the error “The system needs to be rebooted. Pleade reboot or contact your system administrator”


This error mostly happened when a user restarted and started another VM right away. I consider this an expected error, I have enabled the option to show that message if the volumes or writable could not be attached correctly. User volumes if they reboot and fast boot remain on the old machine until it is destroyed. So far good.


Lately, some users are telling me that they get the message when they start horizon view in the morning, after a login time of more than 10 minutes. In its first start. No previous restart. When the previous afternoon they left their VM completely off, so the volumes are no longer on the old machine.


I am a newbie with appvolumes, to see if you can help me.


-I have checked that it is indeed the user’s first login and that the user has not made any previous VM request to Horizon View that morning.

-I have checked logs and error messages, and I don’t see anything to help me.

-If we stop and start the VM again, it already loads well.

-If I check the machine to which I was connected the day before, it doesn’t have any .vmdk, nor in the appvolumes panel I see any writable or volume attached to this machine.

-This happens regardless of the user. When the error the login in horizon view takes more than 10 minutes, and to recover a normal login time sometimes I have to eliminate the writable one.



Any idea what I can review?


Thank you very much in advance!


Appvolumes version 2.18

Horizon View version 7.11 (client and server)

Vcenter version 6.7



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