ERROR CLDELSN3, details: [lon-d-squid] error: cannot delete snapshot

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hi all,


got an error on one of my vms when trying to back it up using a backup solution called XSiBackup, the thing is it backs up all my other running vms, just this one all the time generates an error


the error is


ERROR CLDELSN3, details: [lon-d-squid] error: cannot delete snapshot, details: /vmfs/volumes/datastore11/XSIBackup-Free/xsibackup: eval: line 1: disk0: not found /vmfs/volumes/datastore11/XSIBackup-Free/xsibackup: eval: line 1: disk1: not found


its saying it cant delete a snapshot but i see no snapshots (i attach pics)


someone mentioned to me, make sure the vmx file is correct and ie the disks are present, i have checked it and all looks good, heres a brief of my vmx with disks


scsi0:0.deviceType = “scsi-hardDisk”

scsi0:0.fileName = “lon-d-squid.vmdk”

scsi0:0.present = “TRUE”

scsi0:1.deviceType = “scsi-hardDisk”

scsi0:1.fileName = “lon-d-squid_1.vmdk”

scsi0:1.present = “TRUE”


can anyone shed some light on this as it would be very much appreciated


many thanks,


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