Encode the chosen section in the dashboard URL

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The section buttons near the top of the dashboard page are brilliant. They ease navigation to a specific section within the dashboard considerably. What we would love to have is a way to put the chosen section in the URL so that when we share it with a colleague their visualization will automatically be jumped to the particular section of interest.


The way this might work is like this:

  • Suppose I click the “CPU information” section button. The page immediately jumps to that section.
  • Then, the URL would be amended with something like the following (drawing upon the use of “g:()” and “p:()” for time windows and variables/parameters)

s:(CPU information)

  • When clicked, the URL shortener button in the lower right hand corner of the page would encode this new section indicator.


This feature would save us time when sharing a dashboard because we wouldn’t have to tell the recipient “click on this link and then click on the “CPU information” section button, which you will find in the second or third row of the UI…” etc.

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