Dual Display Windows 10

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OS:  Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 10.0.17763 Build 17763

ESXI Host:  Dell PowerEdge R720 ESXi 6.5, 13932383

VMWareTools: 11.1.0 build 16036546



  • this exact setup worked just fine with Windows 7 Guest OS systems.
  • The Guest OS is accessed in a production environment via Ubuntu clients using a spanned display.   Connection to the Guest OS is through VNC protocol.  The reason to not use a thin client is for troubleshooting purposes this setup allows multiple people to connect to the Guest OS to view the screen to assist the operator who uses it.
  • One monitor faces the operator with a GUI to operate the process, the other faces outside to proved information about the process being performed.


My Issue:

I have gone into the Guest OS when powered down and set the Monitor count to 2 monitors.  I enabled 3D support and put maximum video memory at 128.   Once the Guest OS powers up and logs in as an administrative user, there only appears to be 1 monitor.  I am unable to detect any additional monitors.  If I try to go to the project and select extend the screen does get wider, but I need two displays at 1024×768.  I can only get 1904×768, I need 2048×768.  I read a KB about using the VMWareResolutionSet command and tried:

VMwareResolutionSet.exe 0 1 , 0 0 2048 768

VMwareResolutionSet.exe 0 2 , 0 0 1024 768 , 1024 0 1024 768

Neither of those worked either.  In all cases Windows only detects 1 display.  Now as you may have noticed with the first VMWareResolutionSet command, I technically do not need 2 monitors.  I could use 1 monitor with a resolution of 2048×768.  That being said I can’t get a resolution that large to work or have 2 monitors set at 1024×768 either. Any assistance in getting this to work would be greatly appreciated.  I am somewhat shocked that something that should be so simple has taken up so much of my time to try and solve and eventually led me here looking for an answer.


Thanks in advance.


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