Drive File Stream – Limited to Hardware Serial Number

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Good afternoon folks,


I am trying to figure something out that will hopefully help us if we decide to move to Instant Clones as well as even now stop some manual work.


We have recently started to use Google Workspace and also the Drive File Stream product that will let users access their Drive files via a letter Drive. They are using it for both comfort and due to applications that can not natively access the web based storage.


Because we are in a medical organization we must limit the access to this application and the only way we have currently is to limit it based on devices added in to Google Admin via CSV import to label them as Company Owned. So now, every time I spin up a new VM in the Linked Clone pool I have to run a query to get its hardware serial number via wmic bios get serialnumber and add that serial number into a CSV and import it.


I was hoping someone here would know of any way to make them all the same Hardware Serial number.. or even maybe a way to predict that that serial number would be even before the Clone was created? I heard the Serial number is based on UUID, but could it be based on MAC address (I heard that will not change when someone logs off and back in in some instant clone setups). Or perhaps, even something in AD, where I can add a whole bunch of machines into an OU and have VMware reuse those names and it builds the serial number off that. I could even see that it would be useful for the serial number to be based on the netbios name. Grasping at straws here..


I just need a better way of managing this CSV import so I could potentially import a whole slew of machines in there and then not have to worry about it for a while.


Thanks for ANY advice or help you can give.



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