Does vSphere 7.0 SDK Remote plugin sample support Singleton Plug-in pattern?

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Hi Team,


I’m trying to test Singleton Plug-in topology as mentioned in Remote plugin SDK documentation(vsphere-client-sdk-

In order to test that, I had registered same instance of plugin with multiple vCenter servers(of 7.0 version in Enhanced Linked Mode) and able to see the plugin by connecting to both vCenters.


But the chassis list actions are always listing VC1 related host list only which is used for manifest server startup command as shown below:

java -jar target/remote-plugin-sample-6.7.0-SNAPSHOT.jar –vcenter.guid=5xxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx –vcenter.thumbprint=1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx – –vcenter.port=443


Below are the queries:

1. Is it possible to achieve the singleton plugin instance working using the given sdk sample and tools? If so what is the command options we should use to support multiple vCenters?

2. What are the file/function changes we need to make in service/ui code to support this routing?





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