DEM, Teams and O365 Outlook profile

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So we are running a VMware 7.8 environment, DEM 9.11 and AppVolumes 2.18.6 with Instant Clones, O365 and Teams installed on the golden image.  I finally was able to get DEM setup properly (thanks to DEMdev) to save the Outlook profile when the user logs out so they don’t need to go through the setup of their Email account each time they login to a desktop and open Outlook.


NOW I have an additional problem:

Teams is no longer available on the desktop when the user logs in.  Prior to getting the Outlook profile working through DEM, Teams would launch automatically and place an icon on the desktop.  Now that is not happening. AND I cannot find Teams in the program list however it is still listed under Programs and Features.


I am guessing it is something in DEM that needs to be set/changed but do not know what.


Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you!



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