DEM Sync Based on Endpoint Name

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I have an interesting situation and hoping the DEM wizards out there can offer some advice.


My organization is in the Proof of Concept stage with a product that will allow end users to scan documents via Ethernet from their station as opposed to a central PC which is currently used. 


Our pools are Instant Clones which delete on logoff, so non-persistent. The problem is that the scanning device and software used need to be able persist data from C: and needs to be tied to the Zero Client in order to apply location based stamps to the documents being scanned.  A Writable Volume will not work as users migrate between locations.


Our vendor suggested ProfileUnity, which I also have in POC right now.  PU is able to create a share based on the ViewClient_Machine_Name environment variable and sync the directory needed.  I really don’t want to layer profile management services so I’m hoping there’s a way to achieve this same behavior in DEM.


I did see the notes on the most recent release of DEM and the added feature ViewClient Property features but I’m not sure this can be leveraged for what I’m after.


ViewClient Property References

Similarly, %{ViewClient_propertyName}% can be used to reference ViewClient properties. These properties are of course already available as %ViewClient_…% environment variables, but those are only set a little while after logon and reconnect. As a result, ViewClient env var in a placeholder often can’t be expanded as the variable has not been set yet; the new references solve this.

%{ViewClient_propertyName}% can also be used as part of a DEM setting (for instance, as an argument to a logon task or a triggered task custom command.)



Any insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!




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