DEM slow import/export with Carbon Black Protection

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Hello Everyone,


I hope this is allowed. I realize that this is not really DEM issue but would like to see if there is anybody here in this forum that is using Instant Clones, DEM and has Carbon Black Protection installed on your clones.


What we are seeing here is that with CBP installed our logon times are roughly 60 seconds which includes writable and 1 appstack but with the CBP installed but put in Disabled mode my logons are around 30 seconds. I was able to track it down to DEM where imports are taking way longer with CBP enabled than without it installed or being disabled.


I have a case opened with CBP support but so far there is no progress. We have added kernell exlusions for Flexengine and built couple of optimization rules for Flex profiles but none of that seemed to help.


I’m hoping that since Carbon Black is now part of VMware that they will be able to figure it out sooner or later but figured that I might give it a shot here as well.


BTW we are currently on DEM 9.7 if that matters


Thanks in advance

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