DEM not working after desktop restart

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We are using VMware Horizon 7.12 and DEM 9.11 with dedicated linked clones. We also have Microsoft FSLogix. We are seeing a strange issue where DEM does not apply any settings after a desktop is restarted. It does not create any logs as well. After a login, if we logoff from the desktop (not a reboot), it start working from the next logon onwards (it also starts creating logs). Again if we reboot, it worn’t work just after the reboot until we logoff again.


This is the exact issue mentioned in the comments of the thread Let’s troubleshoot User Environment Manager (#UEM) 9.X: How to avoid errors during the installation – vLenzker by TJ Derrick. He resolved it by setting the GPO “SystemLogonWait for network” but we have installed DEM in NoAD mode, so I don’t this this setting will make any difference.


Any thoughts on why this strange behaviour?



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