DEM 9.11 LocalAppData “Folder Not Found” Issue

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We’re running Horizon 7.12 with Instant Clones, DEM 9.11, and AppVolumes 4. I have an issue with a specific application where the users are reporting that specific settings aren’t being retained. I have already confirmed that the settings are being saved in a file located in the following path:




I setup the config file to capture anything under c:usersusernameAppDataLocalAppName with the following:





Nothing was appearing to be backed up in the user’s archive file and I see the following in the flexengine log:


2020-08-11 18:09:21.693 [DEBUG] ExportFiles: Recursively processing folder ‘<LocalAppData>AppName’

2020-08-11 18:09:21.694 [DEBUG] ExportFiles: Folder ‘<LocalAppData>AppName’ does not exist


The folders and files clearly exist, any idea why it would be showing this error?

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