DEM 2006 Computer Environment issues

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We run into some strange problems with the VMWARE Horizon DEM Computer Environment ADMX based Settings.

I’ve configured all the VMWARE instructions as mentioned overhere: FlexEngine Configuration for Computer Environment Settings


Despite all the correct registry settings, the policies are invariably ignored because of this error:

Error: Path ‘SERVERDEMConfig$General’ must be an existing directory. Not processing computer environment settings.


And that’s weird because the path ‘SERVERDEMConfig$General’ is also used for the User Environment ADMX based Settings and they work like a charm.



I’ve already changed the ConfigFilePath in the Registry to SERVERDEMConfig$ , reprovisioned the Golden Image and tested it again. Unfortunately the result / error is exact the same.

I’ve also recreated the Registry Folder and settings again, to make sure there is no typo or corrupted character. But whatever I do, the result stays the same.

And Yes, all the permissions on the share are ok. Like I said: the User Environment settings work great. 


We use DEM 2006 on Horizon 8 and Windows 10 2004 as Golden Image.

Anybody having this same issue? Or even better: having the golden solution for this weird issue?





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