Default printer is not remembered in VDI

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we have vmware vSphere6 and VDI desktop infrastructure. Every time user loggs in into VDI his default printer is not the printer which it made default in previous login. Vm pool is Automated Desktop Pool with source vCenter (linked clone). This happens on win8 or win10, it doesn’t matter.

I found this in discussion:


I found the sollution eventually.


Its realated to the “network location awareness” service


2 options:

[s]1. (for every user) disable the “Network Location Awareness” Service in the services console and include it in your gold image

(i believe its related to: every guest generates there own network ID, if the ID is different NLA sets the default printer to the system default (which in my case is the PDF creator)[/s] (sorry guys, this was NOT the sollution)


2. If you do not want to disable the NLA service,  Do it on a per-user base in the current user registry (see below)


Create a Key in HKEY_CURRENT_USERPrinters … named: Defaults

Then create an entry (string value): Disabled and set it to: 1


— printer_per_user.reg —-

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



but registry editing and disabling service didn’t helped. Any more ideas?

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