Datastore size increased post deletion of a VM.

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Hello, I hope you and all your loved ones are healthy and safe.


I have two data stores in my home lab setup:


1. HDD (1 TB)

2. SSD (1 TB)


I usually install OS on the HDD and mount the SSD for VMs needing high IO. VMFS version is 6.2


I recently deleted a VM that was installed on the HDD and had no part of the SSD mounted on it. The VM was 100 GB in size (provisioned was 400 GB.) At the time of deletion host had ~23% used space (out of 1.69 TB). Free space on both the drives has gone down on the host (both drives combined) as opposed to going up!


Delete operation has affected the SSD severly taking utilisation from ~20% to 97%. How do I regain the space? I am certain that there is no influx of data that could have caused this.


I had faced this issue last time too. However I saw that the VM post deletion was moved to the SSD (I don’t know why.) Since I found the VM folder on the SSD datastore, I deleted it. This time I do not see any such folder on both the drives but the data store has gone from ~23% utilised to 62% utilised.


I am using the VMs as part of my research in final year of university and any urgent help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you very much.

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