Data recovery from Redo files , i saw similar topics but still ask for help

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Hi all,

I have a win 10 system and vm workstation pro 15, I created a windows image in vm. I put a password on the created windows image through the configuration of the vm panel, then set the option non persistent disk in the disk settings. I turned on the image and entered the windows system, after a while my computer froze and rebooted. I still have the vmdk.redo ** file, as I understand it stores all the changed information in the system until the image is turned off. I need help to recover files from redo or merge redo with main database. I found several similar themes with vmsphere, how can I apply this on workstation, as I understand it does not have the necessary console. I would like to receive more detailed instructions for solutions to my problem, not all points are clear to me from the links below, I am ready to thank you for your help 50 $  . 

1. Non-Persistent Disk – Recovery from redo log file 

a) vmkfstools  how to run this console on a workstation or what software do I need to download to run the desired console? Can’t I just point the path through the cmd terminal?

b) change the file parameters with a text editor, but the machine is encrypted with a password, do I need to remove the password first? since some parameters cannot be changed, or simply indicate the desired parameters at the very bottom.


с) use vmkfstools -e XYZ_1-000001.vmdk to ensure disk chain is consistent. -    What commands should I enter there?



2. If use this way. How do I run the tool ” Ken Katos vdk.exe ” on win 10? and again what commands do I need to enter in my case? Data recovery from Redo files

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