Customize VMware vRA 8 Login Screen Branding

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In VMware vRA 8 there is no vIDM embedded in vRA Appliance. It has dependency on External vIDM. Login Page of vRA 8 is provided by vIDM. If you want to change login screen branding, it is possible through vIDM. Here is procedure to Customize vRA8 Login Page:-

Default Login Page

Steps To Customize vRA 8 Login Page

1. Login to vIDM with “configadmin” named user
2. Open Identity and Access Management Tab > Click on Setup

3. Click on Custom Branding > Sign-In Screen > Upload Logo

4. Once uploaded this will be listed in Preview Pane too > Click on Save
Optionally you can update Background Image too

5. If you want to change login button color too, Scroll Down > Provide Hex Code of Color > Save

Once Done > Final Page looks like this

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