Customization spec failing after OSOT

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We are deploying a persistent pool for some of our users which require customized software and more RAM.


We have updated our golden image and re-run the new OSOT (VMware OS Optimization Tool) Template+LGPO utility to maximize performance.


We previously had a vcenter customization spec that worked great, for making persistent machines. When we run it against the images now, we get an error “Error opening file C:WINDOWSPantherunattend.xmlThe system cannot find the path specified” visible in the logs and I see no unattend.xml in the location.


If I clone a copy of the image before the OSOT was run, the customization spec works like a charm – but, a lot of work has gone in to the image after the OSOT was run so we’d rather not repeat all that, and miss out on the performance benefits the OSOT template offers.


Any thoughts/things to look at/advice?

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