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Hi Forum

I have an Issue I just can’t figure out now


I should create a Seperate testsystem on my Esxi

To this test system I’m needing the following network


WAN – Attached to a Physical NIC

MT-Admin = VirtualSwitch without physical NIC)

MT-DMZ = VirtualSwitch without physical NIC)


I created a VM as Pfsense

With WAN attached EM0

MT-Admin = EM1



Then I created 2 VM – A Windows Server and a Linux SQL and attached these VM to the MT-DMZ

But I cannot get any IP on this internal network ?

If I attach a Physical NIC – Then I’m able to get an IP – but the issue that I have is that I do not have enough NICs to attach a NIC to each Vswitch.

THat Why I want to create an Internal Network for the MT-DMZ which should only exist as an Internal network – but still able to use the DHCP server from PFsense


Am I doing something wrong or is this not possible at all in VMware – as it is in HyperV ( There you can create an Internal Switch)

As described I do not think there’s a problem with the PFsense since everything is working as intended when attaching a Physical NIC ?

so any advice is appriciated


THanks In advance 

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