CPUs aggregation between multiples esxi hosts

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Hi, actually i m running multiples ESXi 5.5 hosts unders vcenter 5.5 and i got issues with some vms in particular cases, in all my hosts cpus usage is almost null (all my vms not heavy cpu users)

except for one or two onces, and we end up with several hosts that not using all their cpu power, and one or two hosts using almost 90% of their compute power. we have done all the tunning OS side on the concerned vms and actually we cant make clusters to reduces vms cpu concumptions. to make it simple is there a way to aggregate cpu from other hosts to be used in any hosts, like a pool of cpus? some expert in discussion told me that with ESXi 6.7 and above it can, i’m planning to migrate to that version but i cant find any information about what i need. any idea or informations?


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