Copy paste not working in VMWare Workstation 15.5 Pro

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Hello All,


Our company have many problems with newer versions of VMWare Workstation/Player (13.0 and above) with copy&pase and drag&drop.


Our PC Preferences: Windows 10 x64 with yperthreading and virtualisation


We installed all needed packages like “open-vm-tools” and “open-vm-tools-desktop” to the Linux virtual machine.


The vm preferences we have checked and the checkboxes “Copy&Paste” and “Drag&Drop” was right configured now.


But if we copy data from Linux machine to Host is working, otherside cop from Host to virtual machine is not working. This is the same in using drag&drop.


In some forums i have found an bug in open-vm-tools (equal and above version 14) in using vmtoold.


Here was an unsupported file descriptor like “FD=3” in parameter list of running vmtoolsd at startup.


If the deamon is stopped and run without parameter described above, the copy&paste and drag&drop working partialy.


The copy&paste and drag&drop from virtual machine still working again, but copy&paste and drag&drop seem to work.


If the file is copy to memory and then to virtual machine we get an error “unsufficient permissions”.


The testfolder we have to copy to, is approved with permissions 0777.


Can anyone say what can we do to solve the bug and get working the copy&paste, also drag&drop function to virtual machine.


Thank you all.

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