Connecting external usb drives to be used as datastores over 2TiB in size

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This is my situation/scenario:

Needed to move a virtual machine off a vCenter/esxi  6.5 environment.

The department purchased a 5TiB USB external drive. It is known that any drive over 2TiB will not work with 6.X.

Used commands to actually connect the USB drive to a host.

The host actually read the drive and was able to mount it. I then was able to migrate (vMotion) the virtual machine to the USB datastore.

This drive was not going to be used as pass-through to a virtual machine.

It was to be used as a datastore to house a virtual machine.


Thinking that if I could mount the 5TiB USB drive and migrate a virtual machine to it, then I could mount the drive to another esxi host.

That was not the case.

The device was seen as an enclosure and the 4.55 disk was seen.

But it could not be mounted and the datastore could not be attached.


So I tested the same situation/scenario with a 2TiB drive with vCenter 6.X and esxi 6.7.

This worked.

I attached the 2TiB drive, rescanned, then mounted the datastore.


Yes, I know that VMware does not support this situation, and that any drive over 2TiB will not actually work.


Will VMware eventually allow USB drives over 2TiB to work with possible future releases?


Also, has anyone else experienced this and somehow found a work around?



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