Connect guest machine directly to modem and to LAN via dual NIC?

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I have very little experience with VMs and networking but I feel like this should be possible but have no idea what I’m doing so thought I’d ask for some help or opinions.


I have a normal PC running windows 10 that I use as a home server (Plex, backups, Webserver, game servers, etc…) with VMware Player (free version).

The system currently has 3 Network adapters, an onboard NIC and a dual port NIC in PCI slot.


I also have the netgear CM1200 modem with 4 ports.


My desire is to connect a VM running on the system to my LAN and a separate direct connection to the internet via the PCI NIC.

Really, I want one NIC for the HOST only, One for guest LAN only and 3rd for guest internet only.


I managed the host and guest effectively using their own NIC to LAN but if I add the direct connection to the modem in anyway it seems to prevent all connectivity to the VM.



Some things,

Seeing as I didn’t build the system for this, pretty sure I don’t have the ability to do PCI passthough.

With the direct to modem connection added to VM, ipconfig shows irregular IPs (subnetmask and no gateway.

ipconfig on host shows a proper connection on the direct to modem line.



Thanks for any ideas!


P.S. A recommendation to more appropriate forums is also welcome.

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