Confusion about Threadripper, Workstation Pro and Windows 10

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My workload has grown to the point where I need to simultaneously run 7 – 8 VMs. Some run Windows 7 & 10 and others run Ubuntu. Each VM runs one or two of: MS Office, a browser, database server, Java Server, Eclipse, VS Studio, VS Code and video editing & rendering. My current system (i7-4770 Quad Core, 32GB)  is maxed out at 4 cores. Ideally, I’d like to upgrade to a system running the Threadripper 3950X with 16 cores with Workstation running on Win 10. I have several questions:


1) Will Workstation Pro on Win 10 even run on the Threadripper 3950X or higher models? I am confused because on the one hand doesn’t show ANY Threadripper CPUs suggesting there is no support but has a long thread about the 3960X running but taking a long time to boot.


2) Does this CPU seem appropriate for this workload? I’m thinking 2 cores for each VM with possibly 4 cores for the VM running the video software. I realize that this # of cores exceeds 16 (plus Windows needs some as well!) so this would require some swapping. It’s a “worst” case to need all 8 VMs – I probably would normally run with 6.


3) Is it possible to make a recommendation for a minimum amount of RAM for these 16 cores?


Thank you.

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