Configure Horizon agent Filter for block Device family but allow a specific device

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We apply a Horizon agent policy that Block audio and video devices to ensure that these devices will always be available for the Real-Time Audio-Video feature.

It’s mainly for the user who use CAM and Mic for video conferencing.

1) Exclude Device Family:     o:audio;video

Another user who also use USB digitial voice recorder (e.g. Olypmus DS-9500) that require Audio and storage access via USB.

Then adding the device’s VID from being redirected.

2) Include Vid/Pid Device:    o:vid-07b4_pid-****


However the Horizon menu bar show “USB uavailable” under “Connect USB Device”.


My purpose is to allow that USB digitial voice recorder (audio and storage) to be redirected except other audio and video devices.

From VMware doc, Horizon Agent evaluates and enforces the filter policy settings in the following order of precedence on the remote desktop or application, with item 1 having the highest precedence. So why the above setting doesn’t work?



1. Exclude Vid/Pid Device
2. Include Vid/Pid Device
3. Exclude Device Family
4. Include Device Family
5. Agent-enforced Exclude All Devices policy set to exclude or include all USB devices

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