Cloudinit YAML syntax to write out multiple files on Windows guests

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I’ve been struggling getting cloudinit to write out multiple files on a Windows guest. I followed practically every example I’ve found on the web and whatever I do cloud init will only write out one file, it ignores the rest. The syntax is in the blueprint YAML and looks something like this.


cloudConfig: |


-path c:sourcesConfigure.PS1

content: |

     Powershell written here   

-path c:sourcesConfigure-another-thing.PS1

content: |

     Powershell written here.


Whatever indentation and order I have tried only writes the first or last file. I previously had the path at the end of the content section. This then writes out only the last file. Never both files. I’ve tried all the syntax examples I’ve found across the web to no avail!


Anyone written out multiple files on Windows Guests with vRA 8.1 Blueprints?



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