Cloud Pod Architecture with UAGs

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I’m trying to find this information in the documentation and so far cannot find the answer.  We are setting up a new Horizon environment and linking it to our old environment at another site using Cloud Pod Architecture.  Everything is working good internally.  Now we are going to set up external access using UAGs.  What I’m trying to find out is if the UAGs at the new site need to communicate directly to the Connection Server at the old site.  To better phrase the question:


We have Site A, and Site B, both linked with CPA.

I have UAGs in Site B in a DMZ.  We want to point all users to the UAGs in Site B, for VMs running in Site A.

Do the UAGs in Site B, need to be able to reach the Connection Servers in Site A, for authentication?   Or will they only need to reach Connection Servers at their site (Site B)?  Currently the UAGs are pointed at the Connection Servers at Site B.


Hopefully this is a simple answer.  We are just trying to get firewall rules in place for our DMZ network.

Thank you.

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