Clipboard (Copy and Paste) functionality on “macOS Catalina host / Windows 10 guest” does not work

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Hi everyone.


I have my MacBook pro with macOS Catalina (10.15.4) . I have installed VMware Fusion, Professional Version 11.5.5 on it. Now I have installed the Windows 10 Enterprise version as a guest on this Mac. I have installed the VMware tools on the Windows guest through “Virtual Machine –> Install Vmware tools” and the features such as shared Folders are working completely fine there.

However, the shared clipboard functionality is not working and when I click on “Edit” on the vm instance all the copy/paste/delete buttons are greyed out. I can’t copy any text from my host Mac to the guest Windows or vice versa.


I tried removing and installing the VMware tools inside the windows couple of times and it didn’t help. Even I check the “vmware instance settings –> isolation —> Enable Copy and Paste” and it has been checked correctly.


Could someone please help me out here? Is it a bug or I am missing any steps?


This issues  has been hugely impacted my speed for working with the windows instance.




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