Citrix Workspace iOS App causing overload on UAG with per App Tunnel

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we are facing a Problem with Citrix Workspace App on iOS Devices.

iOS Citrix Workspace App is used for VDI Sessions via per App VPN over vmWare Tunnel on UAG 2009.



After the Citrix Workspace App was updated 2 weeks ago to version 20.09.5, we noticed that the vpn service on the UAG hung up about 2-3 times a day. The vpnd Service is still running but the UAG can’t accept new connections because the number of Sockets Connections on the UAG is steady increasing until it is over 65000 open UDP Socket connections.
If we connect with one device in a test environment and start the Citrix Workspace App with Tunnel we see that only one device is creating up to 40 connections.
On the Prod UAG we are running in this overload even if we only have 200 device connected.


Does someone else see this kind of problems with the app or does anybody else using this solution?

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