Changing UEFI.rom or Shell.efi on a VM-by-VM basis in Workstation Pro?

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I have been experimenting with Workstation Pro 15.5.6 and it’s implementation of UEFI and the UEFI Shell (currently 2.31) to develop and test UEFI drivers and applications. I was wondering if there might be a relatively easy way to change the firmware, or components of it, on a VM-by-VM basis? That is, I’d like VM1 to boot with EFI64-1.ROM, VM2 to boot with EFI64-2.ROM while remaining and new VMs would use the standard EFI64.ROM as distributed with Workstation Pro.


I’m using EDK2 to compile the applications, drivers and roms. I do use QEMU for this but, without getting into detail, I’d like to use Workstation Pro as the principal development environment.


Thank you for any help or thoughts.

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