CBT reset on VM after cross vCenter vMotion

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I’m fairly sure I already know the answer to this question, but am asking anyways to be sure.  We have a production site and DR site both with vCenter 6.7 u2 appliances, hosts running 6.5 u3, Nimble San on the back ends and Veeam for backup.  I’ve configured enhanced link mode with both vCenters in the same SSO domain.  Cross vcenter vmotion works as expected and I’m able to migrate a VM to the DR site and back again with no issues.  However, I noticed that whenever I move the machine back, Veeam must now take a completely new Full backup because (I’m assuming) all the CBT markers have been reset from the migration.  Veeam already says it depends on Vmware’s CBT to know which blocks to back up, so is there a way to retain CBT during these vMotion events?  I have both vCenter appliances registered in my Veeam backup and recovery console.

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